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Highlights of the last year


During these challenging time of Corona Virus, we need to fight together and show the perfect example of the teachings of great Masters , “Manas Ki Jata Sabhe Ek Pahchanabo”(we all are one). Ma Sharanam is helping the Medical staff and Covid patients by providing them with Homeopathic as well as Ayurvedic Medicines for faster recovery. These medicines are distributed free of cost to the hospitals and patients. These are really the time to pray truly from your heart “May All Be Happy and Healthy”, so that we come out of these crisis quickly.

Awareness Program

In the month of September, October & November of year 2018 series of Awareness program was organized by BRF Society for the people of village Kawadiya, Bhampura, Pitambali, Barley,Pipliya etc all under Maheshwar Tehsil.

  1. Women health & hygiene awareness program – Dr. Sadhna Sodani.
    2. Awareness Campaign on Asthma prevention. In the campaign – diagnosis & treatment was also done – Dr. Amrik Singh.
    3. Awareness Campaign on health hazard of using Pesticides & insecticides among farmer of Maheshwar Tehsil region.
    4. Awareness program on water generated diseases, among villagers, special focus on Typhoid, Jaundice & digestive problems. Villages covered – Kawadiya , Sitoka , & Bhampura

Teachers Traning Workshop

Ma Sharanam High School has organized training workshop for government and private school teachers. Awareness toword right education and language development is the focus of the workshop. Large gathering of teachers from school and coaching teachers of Pipliya participated in the training. Dr. Rajesh Dixit, Vice Chancellor of Renaissance University and Shri Sarabjeet Singh Bharaj  give training to teacher

Medical Health Check up

Under Ma Sharanam charity services, Homeopathic practitioner visit Ma Sharanam (Kawadiya) center for three days in a week (Thus,Fri,Sat). Here the  villagers are  getting free medicines for their health problems. They are getting remarkable benefits from the Medical Aid.

Distribution Of Study Material

With the begining of new session at Ma Sharanam Gurukul boys are geting study material like Books, Note book Pen, Pencil etc.


Nutrition Care

Wings Of Change

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Hemraj Rathore

A gifted musician of Ma Sharanam family, came in the age of 7 years. He is from Banjara community ( wanderers tribe) and his parents (belongs to poor socio-economic background) live in remote village, Khargone, MP. Produly introduced as music teacher of Ma Sharanam school, he is a also persuing his graduation in Arts. He is also giving his services in Ma Sharanam kitchen as cook, which is also his natural talent.

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Sudarshan Barela, came when he was in 10th standard to join Ma Sharanam family. He is from a small village(Karondiya), near Mandleshwar, having poor economic background.
He is very sincere, dedicated and introvert personality. BRF society has sponsored his graduation (BA) as well as post graduation (LLB) from a renowned college (Renaissance) in Indore. At present he is preparing for civil services in Indore with the support of BRF society.

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Aashish Tripathi

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