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Let’s Be An Instrument Of Supreme(our Guru) And Surrender All The Work You Are Doing In The Feet Of Almighty.

This Is Our Philosophy Of Doing Work, May be It Spritual, Education, Social, Economical, Environmental Etc. 

We are a group of dedicated, young, seekers of Truth, working with the motive of ”Selfless Service“. Since 22 years we are working for the upliftment of women and children near the banks of river Narmada in west Nimar  of  Madhya Pradesh, under an organised body – “Bhagavat Kriya Research Fellowship Society”. With Brand Name “Ma Sharanam”.

We are providing the free education, nutritional care, medical aid and skill development, regardless of religion, race and gender. For the families of the children and the villagers, we are guiding them for  healthy and nutritional food, helping unemployed youth for jobs, also educating them for taking good care of the environment. These all activities are happening with the support of donor

We Are Doing All Educational Activities Under Ma Sharanam School & Gurukul.

Spritual Activities Under Ma Sharanam Yoga Research Center.

Farming Activities Under Ma Sharanam Fatms.

Awerness Building, Nutrition, Women Empoerment Health Activities Under Ma Sharanam Services. Skill Training Activities Under Ma Sharanam Skill Training Center.

All The Activities Are Being Done Under True Spritual Seeker And Visionary Leadership Swami Gurusharan, Who Is The President Of BRF Society.

Chief Functionary & Secretary, Shri Sarabjeet Singh Bharaj Is An Educationist & Philanthropist. Who Is Doing Work Of Execution.

Mission And Vision


‘Coming back’ means let go of the thoughts which separates us, let spontaneity comes in your life, let the flow of life guides you. Coming back really means to stop struggling against the flow, surrender to the universal love. The Love which is our true nature.

‘Home’ means oneness, this state of awareness where there are no boundaries, no separations, no distinctions. We look for good of all. All means plants, animals and human beings.

In short our mission is to preserve ancient cultures, empower women and children, raise awareness, and inspire change.