By sponsoring a child Rs.500 a month and fellowship of a teacher (working in a different programs) your generous donation  help and support development of children and society at large.


Bhagwat Kriya Research Fellowship(BRF) Society, is educating,under privilege children of Narmada belt in West Nimar(MP) since its inception in April 2012

In the year 2015, BRF Society has started an M.P Board approved school in the name of “Ma Sharanam” at village Kawadiya.Ma Sharanam school was established with the AIM of providing free education to poor and under privileged people of rural India.

Ma Sharanam school is running till 10h standard with total strength of boys & girls student to be 187. School has staff of 16 teachers who are ambassador of change.


My True Home To Realize Dreams. Orphans, single parent child and children from disturbed families are kept in Ma Sharanam Gurukul till their schooling. In 2018, total Gurukul boys were 45, with one life coach.

These Gurukul boys enjoy vibrant spiritual and happy, healthier environment for growth and development.


  • Free coaching in evening to children going in government school.
  • Training session for teachers of private as well as government schools.
  • Helping students with resources like bicycle,books,bags etc who wish to study further
  • Support students who wish to complete their graduations and post graduation.



Khargone district is third highest malnutrition area in the state of Madhya Pradesh. To fight against malnutrition Bhagwat Kriya Research Fellowship Society is working on developing ‘Nutrition Garden’.

We have selected Five Super Nutrition giving plants:


1.Moringa, Oleifera (Surjana)
2.Chaya (The Spinach tree )
3.Asparagus (Shatavari)
4.Ivy Gourd (Tindora)
5.Raisin (Monukka)


First phase of Awareness building for these five nutritional plant is done by making a model ‘Nutrition Garden’ at Ma Sharanam (Kawadiya) as well as making replica of ‘Nutrition Garden’ in Government School & Aganwadi.


Second Phase will be of distributing these nutrition plants to the people in need of Nutrition


Under Ma Sharanam Charity services , a Homeopathy dispensary is runing for village Kavadiya(Sitoka)
Free health checkup camp for school Children take place every three months.

Bhagwat Kriya Research Fellowship Society take number of initiatives for health awareness among villagers.
A Campaign to swich from refined sugar to jaggery , refiend oil to cold press oil and refiend salt to rock salt was organised for villagers.


The 90% rural youth stops studying after little bit of study in  school. Due to this there is a big problem of unemployment and which is increasing more and more in rural INDIA.

This type of little bit educated youth, who has neither adopted higher education nor learned any skill to earn livelihoods is facing many problems.


Ma Sharanam skill training institute is such an initiative to increase employability of rural youth who left studies and are doing nothing.


We train them in different areas like, IT skills, plumbing, welding and maison work, etc.

We organize councelling session for 12th standard students to study further or join skill training.