“Ma Sharanam Circle of Support”

The biggest challenge continues to be the coverage of the monthly fixed costs throughout the entire year. For this very reason we started setting up the “Ma Sharanam Support Circle” in summer 2018 with the aim of providing a stable financial basis , so that the coverage of running costs will be secured.

For this purpose our aim is to raise 3000 Euros monthly, which will cover the running costs like teachers salaries, electricity, food ect…

How can I be part of the Circle of Support?

A voluntary monthly donation of at least 10 Euros via money transfer order (German: “Dauerauftrag”) for at least one year is the best way you can support this beautiful project.

Please set up a money transfer order at your bank. The charitable association we are closely cooperating with is called

“Dana Mudra”, they will forward your complete contribution to Ma Sharanam.