How We Work

By sponsoring a child Rs. 500/- a month,and fellowship of a teacher (working in a different programs) your generous donation,help and support,development of children and society at large



Bhagwat Kriya Research Fellowship (BRF) Society,is educating,under privileged childern of Narmada belt in west Nimar(MP) since its inception in April more

Gender and Development


90% rural youth stop studies after schooling. Due to this big problem of unemployment is increasing in rural India.This type of school educated youth,who has neither more

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene


Under Ma Sharanam charity service,a homophatic Dispensary is running for villagers at village kawadiya(sitolla)..... read more


Eco friendly

BRF society has established a model to make an eco friendly system at Ma Sharanam center(Kawadiya). Here villagers can learn practically how they can build an eco friendly houses and more



Bahgwat Kriya Research fellowship(BRF) society,is working on nutrition by developing "Nutrition Garden" in Goverenment & Private more